A Study Of Ephesians

You will notice the below study of Ephesians to be specifically written for Khmer speakers.  There are many references to the words used in the Khmer language.  These do not always directly correspond to the words used in the English language.  Please be understanding of this.  It is my life’s work to evangelize, teach, and train Cambodians for Christ, so the English is not a priority to me.  That being said, you will also notice a great amount of redundancy in this study.  This is done on purpose, but can be quite boring for those with high IQ’s.  (God spared me from such a plight.)

My Offer:
A copy of the Ephesians study is attached here to use (or not use) however you see fit.   Complete study of Ephesians- English
You are welcome to delete or add whatever you like.
The Khmer translation is also attached here.   Complete Study of Ephesians_ KHMER
My instructions:
Keep in mind that this study was written for Cambodians and based on the Khmer Bible.  If you are using this study with a language other than Khmer, then you may need to edit it accordingly.  This is not a  discipleship book.  This is a Bible study help.  National pastors, preacher-boys, and those serious about studying the Bible would be the best candidates.

A set of highlighters would be very helpful; yellow, pink, green, blue, and orange.

Assignments are numbered and meant to be done in order, one at a time.

The necessary Bible texts are attached to both the Khmer and English document.  I want the student to have a copy of the text that they feel free to mark on as much as they want.

A test is attached to the back of this study.  A second test can be derived from the questions within the study.  You may do so at your own discretion.   I would also recommend assigning the students an oral report/speech.  Each student should be able to explain the theme of Ephesians or how the theme relates to a specific passage.

Reading the text multiple times is intentional.  This process will impress upon the student the overall content and tone of the book.  Though the student may not be able to verbalize these concepts, multiple readings will enable them to answer questions about these topics.  The concepts start to become embedded in the student’s heart and mind, even though they are not clearly understood.  The section about the author and recipients is intentionally not at the beginning.  I want the student to have a good “feel”  for the book before answering any questions.

This booklet could be used in a “correspondence” fashion, however, I feel that a teacher/mentor would increase the effectiveness of this study help.  Having said that, please emphasize to the student that the Holy Spirit teaches them the Bible better than any man ever could.
My Request:
If you change something, then I would love to know what it is. I may want to change it too!  Please print and make copies yourself.  I would rather not publish and sell it.
This is not an explanation of Ephesians.  It does not answer nor ask all of the questions that students should be asking.  You will notice that some of the questions lead the student to a predetermined conclusion.  You may or may not agree with all of these predetermined conclusions, and I request the right to disagree with myself at a later date if I so desire. 🙂
If there is anything in the study that seems impossible for your student to understand, then please share that with me.

You may contact me at:  rodneyruppel@gmail.com


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