Srey Nieng and Srey Nee’s Family

Srey Nieng and Srey Nee’s Family

Srey Nieng and Srey Nee are the nieces of Pastor Nuth Sakaun and his wife, Samaat.  Since accepting Christ a number of years ago, they have earned my respect and God’s promised blessings.

Their parents, still unsaved, are both alcoholics.  They drink until they are drunk almost everyday, and they stay drunk most all day.  The father of these two girls, Samaat’s brother, continues to sink deeper into sin.  In 2009, while in a drunken rage, he even beat Samaat while Sakaun was with me in Bible institute.  Shortly after this incident, he told Srey Nieng to throw away all her Bibles and songbooks. That night she slept with the Bibles she owns, clutching them in her arms so that her father would not destroy them.

On August 21, 2010, while Srey Nieng was in the fields working and Srey Nee at work in the factory,  their mother, in a drunken stupor, started the house on fire.  It does not appear to have been an accident. Thankfully, neighbors were able to put the fire out before the house was completely destroyed.  Their mother ran away and showed up outside New Hope Baptist Church on Sunday morning.  She could be charged by the local police for endangering the safety of the whole village.

Srey Nieng and Srey Nee are the oldest two of eight children.  Both should be concentrating on high school, but their parents’ sinful habit has made that almost impossible.  Srey Nee must work at a factory just so her siblings can have rice to eat.  Srey Nieng is starting twelfth grade this year with the financial help of Sakaun and Samaat.  However, she spends much of her time taking care of her younger siblings (three of which are under five years old), because her mother is too drunk to do so.  Srey Nieng also spends a lot of time working in neighbors’ fields in order to pay back money that her mother borrowed from them to buy liquor.

Srey Nieng memorized one hundred verses in 2009, saying all one hundred in one sitting without making one mistake.  She is now working hard on memorizing the one hundred verses for 2010.   Both girls are very faithful to the church services in their village, and are always at New Hope Baptist in Phnom Penh as well.  Their servant’s spirit shows everyone that they are always willing to help no matter what the task.  Their life is full of work, hardship, abuse, and persecution, but they continue to smile and do their best for God.

Please pray for God to continue to give Srey Nieng and Srey Nee the grace to follow Christ and be faithful to Him no matter what the circumstances.

Please pray for Srey Nieng and Srey Nee to be filled with the love of God for their parents.

Please pray for their father, Sokha, and their mother, Pich, to open up to the Gospel and receive Christ as their Savior. We desire to see God glorified in their family and in their village.

Update: August 29, 2010

Sokha has forbidden his wife to attend church for years, however today he asked his wife to attend the service in Pastor Sakaun’s home!  Pich went to the 7 PM service!  Sokha was working all day and did not attend himself.  Keep praying!

Srey Nieng and Srey Nee

Enjoying Sunday School


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